The purpose of this blog is to connect with others through life experiences. The goal is always to share content that people can relate to in an effort to remind them that they are not alone. How many of us day in and day out talk to and engage with others? Most of us come into contact with someone on a day to day basis via work, church, shopping or even through social media. I think sometimes we feel our interactions with others doesn’t have the affect we think it does. We down play the importance of helping a mom with a crying baby and a busy toddler to her car with her groceries. We underestimate the way a smile or a hug makes someone feel. When we let someone go in front of us in line or hold the door open for the person behind us we don’t understand the affect of these small acts of kindness have on others.

One day I was in the grocery store and I was just having a rough time of it! I had just had a baby, making this my third child and my third adventure with babies-while-on duty (that’s what I’m now calling my experience with having children while you have a spouse serving in the military LOL). Naturally my husband was deployed and my emotions were every where. While in line the person in front of me decided to pay for my items. It wasn’t a lot of stuff or super expensive. But what really touched me was I had just done this the day before, just as a simple act of kindness, for someone else and here it was happening for me. I left the store so grateful and crying. Not because I needed my items paid for. That was a nice bonus. But because I was struggling and I felt so alone I needed to feel noticed; cared for. That simple act of kindness did just that for me that day. I could not stop thanking God for thinking of me and sending someone to do His will.

That is what connection is all about. It’s about engaging with others, meeting people where they are and showing them that they are cared for. It’s about making someone feel noticed. Sometimes it’s calling someone you cannot get off of your mind. Maybe it’s sending a random text to someone telling them that you love them. Connecting with others is so important because too many people walk around feeling like no one cares. They feel like if they disappeared in that moment or the next day no one would even notice. It’s really what we convince ourselves of sometimes. Especially when we find ourselves in places of isolation.

I have made it a point to try to be more open and more social with those around me especially in new environments. It can be hard for me at times to make myself accessible to other people especially new people. I get exhausted having to engage in small talk because I value deeper conversations more. Small talk requires me to keep a running tab in my mind open of things to keep the conversation going. Deeper conversations allow me and the other person to explore one topic or maybe two in a more intimate way. I feel like deeper conversations create avenues for ways to understand and connect with people more. The connection opens doors for me to encourage them, listen to them, motivate them, cry with them and show them that there is always someone who has been through what they have been through and made it out on the other side.

As I’ve learned more about my passion to connect with others, I’ve started exploring ways that I can do that-connect more. If you follow my Facebook page (CircleConnect7) then you may be aware of the new adventure I am taking with starting a subscription box service that offers the chance for people to receive encouragement as well as engage more with others. It’s called the Connect Subscription Box. It is still in the planning stage. I have so far three boxes planned and 7 boxes with themes. I am actively working on different ways to reach a broader audience by promoting kindness and love as well as encouragement through God’s Word. If you are interested in the service and want to stay informed through the process as it grows I would like to encourage you to click this link to subscribe to the insider scoop list:

Growing and connecting with others doesn’t have to be hard. We just have to be willing to be open, step out of our comfort zone and recall in our minds the moments we have felt like we had nothing and no one-what would you have wanted or needed during that time? How would you have wanted someone to treat you? Would you want that phone call, that text or that card? Of course! This is the importance of people interaction- opening up our vulnerable places so that we can be vulnerable together. So that we can heal together.

Thanks for subscribing! I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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