Learn to Enjoy…

The company of yourself!!! Ok I’m an introvert. Because I’m such a friendly, outgoing person people tend to find that really hard to believe about me. I do love people. I love spending time with those that I have relationship with but I also enjoy mass amounts of time alone. I have to mentally work myself up to be in group settings. After spending large amounts of time with people I need several days to decompress.

Sometimes I find it hard to commit to dates, parties, events or other “adventures” because I may have over exhausted myself by spending lots of time going out doing things with other people so I don’t have the energy to do it repeatedly. I tend to get cranky when I don’t have the time to regroup before embarking on something else. In life, things are busy. We don’t always get the alone time we desire. But you know how I learned these things about myself? By spending time with myself.

Early on in life I lost myself. Big time. I lost the motivation I had to meet my goals personally or career wise. I was fully committed to being a wife and mother and that’s what my life revolved around. When I look back on that time in my life I realized I was depressed but didn’t know it. But because I didn’t spend time with myself getting to listen to my thoughts and my desires and my heart I lost myself. It took me some counseling, some alone time just thinking and definitely some Jesus to get back to the things that I am passionate about.

Being alone with yourself doesn’t necessarily mean never going out with friends or doing things with family. But it does mean you need to actually carve out time to hear your own thoughts or think about your life goals or maybe evaluate your career goals. Being alone with yourself also provides you with the opportunity to seek God for His purpose for your life. Some of the loneliest stages of my life created some of the most beautiful moments for me.

When I felt at my lowest and on my own like I had no one, those were the moments and opportunities that I had to self evaluate and really get to know me without all of the clutter of people and life. There is something to be said for being set apart. Sometimes when we feel like we are all alone it’s actually God setting us apart so that He can take us to a new level in life.

You can’t know what you want in life if you don’t actually know who you are. You can’t know who you are if you don’t spend time with yourself and with God. Not with people all the time because, at times,people will put labels on you that aren’t what God says about you. We will let those labels stick and then let it hold us back. You have to spend time alone so you can hear what God says about you.

So if you’re finding yourself in a season of restlessness with yourself right now and you’re struggling with finding your purpose, spend some time with yourself. If you’re struggling through relationships and you can’t decide on what you should do within those relationships, spend some time with yourself. If you’ve gotten off track in life and lost your purpose, motivation, or drive then take some time out to clear your head and hear your thoughts. It is in these moments when we take time to quiet the noise and just sit with nothing but our thoughts that God can grab our attention and speak to our broken places, heal the shattered pieces and encourage us to keep going.

Spend some time alone getting to know you so that you can walk into the next stage of life that God is calling you to. Your future you depends on it!


  1. As I read this blog, I feel as if I’m reading about myself. I never truly took time to think about how I feel after I am around or encounter people/crowds. But it makes total sense. Thank you for being vulnerable, opening up yourself to others & the world. It’s a scary thing because ppl can be so judgemental at times. And life is hard enough as it is. But I want you to know how proud I am of you! You’re moving mountains


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