Overthinking Much?

Ok who does this?!! I dooooo!!!!! While I have gotten better, I still over think almost everything and at times I make a rather simple task or decision really complicated.

If I text someone and they usually respond quickly and it takes 4 hours I’m like “Are they mad at me?” Mind you I haven’t done anything to them so I don’t know why I even go there and then when they do respond I over analyze the text message and I’m all like “Ok they don’t quite sound like themselves…” now in their response they clearly said they were busy trying to meet a deadline at work but I’ve just created a whole argument where there was no issue.

Don’t take me to a restaurant or give me 5 colors to choose from or ask my opinion and have 7 different options. My brain will overload, short circuit and it could take a while to get to an answer. I think-as I sit here overthinking this blog- that over thinking comes from the need or desire to be perfect. We want things to look perfect or sound perfect or want to make the perfect choice when sometimes there really isn’t a perfect choice. There’s just the choice that works for you.

Relax! I often have to tell myself to just calm down, take a deep breath and choose the chicken! Picking food should not be stressful and making a decision should not be solely based on what someone else might deem perfect. Of course it’s understood that with certain things you want everything to look a certain way-such as weddings, birthday parties, or your outfit. But in all honesty what looks perfect to me or you will not always look perfect to someone else. So here we are stressing about how exact we want something to be when someone’s going to look at it for two seconds and go “Oh cute.” And then they’ll move right along.

I remember having a conversation with a friend not too long ago about how I’ll do something and I put a lot of effort into it but it’s not received the way I think it should be. To me it looks great! It looks perfect. But when someone else sees it their version of perfection is not the same as mine so they want to tweak this or change that. And I’m like I don’t get it. This wise friend says to me “It’s not personal. If it’s someone’s vision, their baby, their dream you aren’t going to understand or see it like they will. So remove your feelings from it and just continue doing your best knowing that no matter the outcome it’s not you personally.” In that moment I received so much clarity.

We want what’s perfect for us but it’s not always perfection to everyone else and that’s ok! Stop stressing about it. Stop over thinking the colors or the theme or all the other minute details based on what others might view as perfect cause they just might not see it that way. Focus on what works for you. For me that takes a lot of pressure off and then I stop overthinking things that aren’t meant to be difficult.

Like Forest Gump said “Life’s a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.” So just roll with it!

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