Own It

We all have flaws. We all have not so good personality traits. We have things about us that people love and then things about us that drive people insane. There’s no way around it. No point in denying it. There are things within each and everyone of us that we could be better at. Sometimes we are aware of those things. Other times we may not know that others perceive us a certain way or that we even have that personality trait.

Maybe you’ve heard something about yourself and thought that’s so not me. Or maybe someone has said something to you about your personality and you thought they were being rude but upon deeper reflection you realized that what they were saying was true. I’ve been told I’m too sensitive. And I’m like what does that mean? I’m allowed to have feelings. And I am but what was meant was I take too many things personally. I’ve been told I’m gullible or a pushover. It’s been said to me that I’m consistently cranky and irritable in the morning and that whatever I’m feeling in the moment is all over my face. I’ve been known to be easily irritated. And you know what? All of these things are true!

But when people say these things to us initially our first response is to either be hurt (because who wants to hear negative things about themselves?!) or to be frustrated with the person who said it to us. If people never brought these things to our attention we wouldn’t learn and grow into better individuals. So here’s what you have to do….own it.

Accept the fact that sometimes you’re rude and cut people off in the middle of talking. Accept the fact that you’re controlling. Accept the fact that you’re a know it all. Accept the fact that sometimes you lie and your friends know it. Accept the fact that sometimes you’re a little whiny. Accept the fact that you tend to make things all about yourself. Accept the fact that you’re inconsistent and often cancel plans. Accept that you’re petty. Upon self reflection when you find the things that people say about you to be accurate, accept it; own it. It’s your best chance at improving.

And you know what else I’ve discovered? Once you own it when people say it to you again or you find yourself in a situation and someone makes that comment if you respond back “I know” it doesn’t sting so bad or at all. It may not even bother you anymore. And if the person has ill intent in telling you it takes away their power to see you hurt or frustrated. We are all a work in progress. Not one of us is perfect. Sometimes God places people in our lives to help us deal with things that we aren’t aware of or are aware of and we aren’t listening to the Holy Spirit convicting us. Those things that people have said to me about myself I’ve intentionally worked on, not that they are now non existent, but I’ve grown significantly because I made the choice to improve.

So learn to accept the whole person that you are not just the great qualities. Own the fact that you’re a work in progress and when you do you’ll be at more peace with yourself and those around you. And having all of these flaws doesn’t make you any less of a person. You’re still great! But not dealing with them can hinder you from walking into the greatest blessings of your life. So examine the things you need to work on, own them and then continue being fabulously flawed and owning it you!

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